It can be distressing to watch the news every day and see the suffering that the Ummah faces worldwide. Whether it’s conflict in Palestine or Syria, the persecution and genocide of the Rohingya, or the rights of Muslims in other countries under threat, it’s not unusual to feel angry and frustrated.

As a Muslim, it’s important to be realistic about where to focus your attention and how you can make the biggest impact on the Ummah. No one individual or organisation can fix the world’s problems. We must all play our part, step by step, and work together over time.

When thinking of your obligations to the Ummah, draw your attention to those closest to you and then build out from there. Help your families, then your neighbours, then your friends, move on to your local community, expand to Australian projects and then seek to help everyone else across the globe. This is the method The Prophet (PBUH) advised us to follow.

While we all face daily struggles, it’s important to be grateful for the society that we live in. Australia is a privileged, relatively wealthy country and this puts us in a unique position to help others.

What are the charities and projects that you can donate time and money to here that can help those overseas? Also, what are the issues closer to home that would help your local community (such as bush fires, droughts, drug addiction, mental health, the aged and homelessness)?

One of the easiest traps to fall into is to complain all day about the problems overseas and then use this as an excuse to avoid acting at home. Actions speak louder than words and we will all be held to account in how we have chosen to spend our wealth, health and time in helping those in need.